Fire Survival Cable

Fire Survival Cable

It observes a noticeable spot inside the assembling plants, energy or power area, public utilities and structures like shopping centers and medical clinics. For all fire-driven short-circuits or far reaching breakout of fire, the F S Cable (Fire Survival Cable) assumes a urgent part. It is a vital part in all water sprinklers, alarms, and lighting plans.

How Easily Can the F S Cable Be Distinguished?

The links fuel the prerequisite of supporting fire for an unmistakable time span. The fact that meets this need makes the FIRE SURVIVAL CABLE the one.

For making the connection shielded from fire, we work on the properties of connection security and coat and endeavor to ensure self-extinguishing compounds.

PE-Polyethylene offers minimal impenetrability to fire properties yet adding explicit fillers of both hydrogenated and halogen free its impenetrability to fire can be further developed through and through.

PVC - The Poly Vinyl Chloride opposes heat and has incredible electrical safeguarding properties or dielectric strength. Anyway due to the presence of chloride the FIRE SURVIVAL CABLE has a disadvantage. On rot it produces halogen gas dreadful for the environment.

Silicon - Best decision for the characteristics that it gives, the functioning temperature range up to 200°C while the most minimal being - 90°C and because of its mineral nature it is moreover LSZH and additional components of oil and dissoluble resistance close by ozone and perseverance for causing obstacle.

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